Ali Burr


Moo Mapper  v.0.90

Moo Mapper is a 3D object placement editor for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Alastair Burr has been majorly lacking the time to do any development on Moo Mapper recently.

Moo Mapper Beta  v.0.90

Mapper is an editor for the IPL file format. It has been developed for the purpose of modifying maps in recent Grand Theft Auto series games for the PC.


Ali Baba Buddy  v.1 1

This game is a slot-playing helper that's ready to take you on a magic carpet ride. This Ali Baba Buddy - Pogo Version auto proves it self the ultimate Ali Baba Slots bot by allowing users to pick their betting level and engage in auto play 24/7.

Munajat-e-Imam Ali (as)  v.

Munajat-e-Imam Ali (as) is also known as Munajat-e-Masjid-e-Kufa.

Legend of Ali Baba  v.1.0

A young Persian man is besot with Zeinab, a beautiful woman.

Burr Oak Software pTravelAlarm  v.2 8

pTravelAlarm is a multi-function alarm clock for your Windows Mobile device.

QuranTrans  v.2.0

QuranTrans is a collection of 3 translations (Yusuf Ali,Pickthal and Shakir) of the Holy Quran for Windows users. At the end of each verse, there is a link to the commentary of the verse, to be shown in a popup window.


This auto plays Pogo Ali-Baba Slots, Sci-Fi Slots, Showbiz Slots and Showbiz Slots II. Download and try the 2 hour trial to get your weekly badge or just to earn some extra tokens.

Call Detail Recorder  v.1.0

For SMDR, ANI, or 911 ALI recording, download the Call Detail Recorder .To choose a recorder, first determine the number of lines required. Each line is an audio source, like a phone line, PBX port, extension, radio or microphone.

Win994a Simulator  v.3.0.09

Win994a is a TI-99/4A simulator written by Cory Burr that installs and runs in the Windows environment. It was written to simulate the TI-99/4A, not to emulate it perfectly. General Functionality: 1.

Moviefone  v.

Developed by Ali Akram. It keeps you updated about new movies, celebrities

DogWhistle  v.

Developed by Mehmet Ali Afsar MERAL Have you a dog? Use Dog Whistle to tech your dog new tricks! Use Dog Whistle to train your pet! Whistle when the dog does something bad or when he is barking. Teach your dog tricks, no barking and better

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